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Legacy Partners has a high specialization in Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, Designs, and Trade secrets. Intellectual Property is a broad term that refers to a company or individual collection of intangible assets that are legally protected from unauthorized use or application.

Our lawyers regularly work with Intellectual Property stakeholders in India and overseas to better understand and address various policy and regulatory issues. We represent clients before all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies in India, including the Intellectual Property Offices, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, District Courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India.

Copyright: Legacy Partners offers services, including filing and prosecuting applications and pursuing civil and administrative enforcement actions. Copyright prosecution and registration, licensing and assignment, contract negotiation and drafting, due diligence, clearances, regulatory compliances, dispute resolution, and enforcement are some services we provide. 

Design: We protect the registration of a design, guard the visual appearance of a product or item, and grant you exclusive rights to formation to the extent that, if necessary, you have a legal right to prevent an unauthorized party from producing or using it.

Patent: The firm offers patents that grant an inventor a monopoly on producing or selling an invention. The monopoly is granted in the form of rights that allow the inventor to prevent others from using, selling, or manufacturing his product or process without first obtaining his permission.

Trademark: We provide services to a multi-faceted set of clients, small and big enterprises, and startups. The Trademark laws give powerful protection and an enforcement regime for rights holders. We keep you on strategic and legal advice regarding the selection of trademarks, Filing trademark applications for Registration in India and around the world, and Opposition and Cancellation of Registration.

Trade Secret: We maintain valuable confidential business assets or information. Trade secret programs and services at the law firm include investigation, analysis, and development of trade secrets.

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