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Industrial Design Registration

Streamlining Your Industrial Design Registration

Does your business bring innovative products to life? Industrial design registration grants legal protection for the unique ornamental aspects of your creations, safeguarding your investment and fostering market success. We understand the importance of safeguarding your designs, and we're here to simplify the registration process.

Why Register Your Industrial Designs?

Market Exclusivity: Registration grants you the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing products with a similar design for a set period.

Deterrence Against Copying: A registered design discourages imitation, protecting your market share and brand reputation.

Legal Leverage: Registration strengthens your position in case of infringement, allowing you to pursue legal action against copycats.

Global Protection: Industrial design rights can be extended internationally, safeguarding your designs in foreign markets.

A Streamlined Approach to Industrial Design Registration

We take the complexity out of industrial design registration with our comprehensive services:

Free Consultation: Our experienced professionals assess your designs and answer your questions.

Search and Clearance: We conduct thorough searches to minimize the risk of conflicts with existing registrations.

Application Preparation: We guide you through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is assembled.

Professional Representation: We represent you before the patent office, advocating for your design registration.

Post-Registration Support: We offer optional services to monitor for infringements and enforce your design rights.

What Can Be Registered as an Industrial Design?

A wide range of product designs can be protected, including:

The ornamental aspects of products across various industries, such as furniture, electronics, housewares, and toys.

Product packaging designs that are unique and visually distinctive.

Empower Your Innovation

Don't leave your design vulnerable to imitation. Contact our team today for a free consultation. Our industrial design registration specialists will guide you through the process, ensuring your creations receive the legal protection they deserve.  Let's work together to turn your innovative ideas into thriving successes.

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