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Your Trademark is your brands unique identity. You spent a lot of effort, time and money in creating a perfect unique logo for your brand and Registering. But registration alone can protect your trademark? What would you do when your trademark get infringed? This is exactly where you need the trademark surveillance.

What is Trademark infringement?
Trademark infringement refers to the unauthorized use of registered trademark or a deceptively similar mark, in the course of trade which would likely to cause confusion deception or mistake n the minds of the public as to the source of origin of goods or services associated with the mark.

Under the Trademarks Act, a trademark owner has the exclusive right to use their registered mar in connection with the goods or services for which it is registered. Any use by another party that likely to cause confusion or deception in the market can constitute trademark infringement.

It is important to be vigilant and ensure that no unauthorized use of trademark happening. LEGACY PARTNERS trademarks experts will assist you in monitoring your marks diligently for any sign of active or potential infringement by continues trademark surveillance.


Our experts in Trademarks keep constant watching and keyword searching and keyword searches. Search every marketplaces where your product or services have been introduced, scan every social media, apps and websites for potential trademark infringement.

The process of trademark evaluation, we may trudge through thousands of potential infringements. Among that there will be very few legitimate infringements which would need your attention. So prioritization is important not to waste your valuable time.

Our Trademarks experts team will file opposition, swiftly when any infringement of Trademark is discovered.

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